Nelson Data Systems Ltd (NDS) is a solutions provider and outsource partner to a range of companies and government departments. NDS is an approved Supplier on the NZ Government Marketplace for the Data Engineering, Data and Information Management, Data Migration Services, Data Modelling, Front-end Development, and Back-end Development Services.

We form long-term partnerships with our clients to provide high quality development and support services for their information and management systems, often in cloud-based environments.

Our office is based in Nelson, New Zealand. We are very experienced and passionate in delivering a high-quality service without the need to be on-site with the client. The team uses a modern Agile approach to all services provided that enables them to expertly work with the customer to deliver the best possible outcomes.

Our team has a combined experience of over 50 years in the IT industry. Most have consistently achieved A/A+ grades during their study. They are able and eager to assist our customers in their efforts to make the best possible use of their data. The team has a keen interest in emerging technologies – especially in the fields of data science and the BI/AI/Machine learning area.

Visit us at: Level 1, 189 Hardy Street, Nelson
                     +64 3 545 7050

Database design, development & administration

A well-designed and managed database is vital to a successful data strategy. Without a robust, efficient foundation, every subsequent piece of the puzzle will operate suboptimally.

NDS has decades of experience working with databases and we will work with you to design a secure, reliable structure which will bring order and integrity to your data.

Our business model allows us to be highly flexible and fluid when it comes to meeting the needs of a customer. We frequently work with databases hosted both within a customer's own network and in a range of cloud-based environments. These are sometimes supplied by the customer, other times sourced and administered by us.

We have experience with many different database platforms and are comfortable with both closed (SQL Server, Oracle etc.) and open-source (MySQL, PostgreSQL etc.).

Data migration & quality

Businesses invest a huge amount of capital into the design and execution of data collection programmes. However, the precious results of these activities are frequently neglected.

Many organisations hold critical data in spreadsheets, small local databases, and other similar data stores. The integrity and reliability of this data can be questionable and subject to accidental (or malicious) modification or deletion. We have discovered most businesses have difficulty comparing or merging data between these sets for analysis and reporting purposes.

We have many years of experience assisting customers to migrate this data into a robust structure, resulting in an enterprise-level database solution.

Part of this process is a joint-effort between ourselves and the customer to identify, review and correct erroneous and invalid data points. Often there are issues present in the data which are simply too difficult to detect outside of a rigorous migration process and were never previously discovered.

Once this process has been completed, your data will be of an extremely high quality and secure from further corruption or unintended alteration.

User Interface

Information can be secure and correct, but without an interface to interact with the data, it remains out of reach for the majority of end-users.

A good user interface may satisfy one or more requirements, including data entry, data review, quality assurance, access to analysis/reporting functionality, and many more.

We have developed a wide variety of user interfaces from very simple data entry applications to complex, yet efficient, enterprise level solutions brimming with custom business logic as defined by the customer. We have the skills and capability to to undertake projects in both enterprise-level Microsoft technologies, such as .NET, but we are also comfortable utilising a variety of open source software and tools.

We work to design and create applications in a way that is intuitive, efficient and easy to use. We enjoy interacting with users, listening to how they work and devising workflow processes which enhance the user experience and exceed expectations.

Business Intelligence & Reporting

The actual worth of a dataset is directly proportional to the value it adds to the business. This value is exposed during analysis and reporting and in this way your data begins to justify the time and capital you have invested up until this point.

NDS has a deep understanding of this process and we work very hard to ensure this becomes a reality. Our aim is to develop efficient and innovative ways to view and analyse your data, whatever your unique requirements are.

We are experienced in the use of the Microsoft Excel BI toolset and SQL Server Reporting Services. Often we are asked to format and store data in a specific way to enable specialist users to analyse the data via external software, such as the statistical program 'R', or to provide access through a web application.

Usually the effort required to reach this apex is not apparent to the end-user, but with a polished, intuitive analysis and reporting solution, the true benefit of great data becomes obvious.

About Us

Kelvin Sparks, CEO/Director

Kelvin has been working with databases and data since the mid 1980’s. A self-confessed “data nut”, Kelvin’s greatest satisfaction come from assisting clients to get the maximum possible use from their data.
When not at work, Kelvin can be found enjoying the company of his wife, children and grandchildren (often around the BBQ).

Benjamin Foord, Operations Manager

AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate

Ben has been with NDS since early 2014 and has experience with SQL Server, SSRS, MS Access, and Microsoft Dynamics AX. He also helps to manage projects and write documentation as required.
He spends his spare time with his wife and three children, and also likes cycling, running, photography, and brewing.

Iurii Gerasimov, Senior Developer

Iurii has 15+ years professional experience working in information technology, software development lifecycles, enterprise application development and consulting. He has been awarded a Masters degree in Computer Science and holds Microsoft Professional Certifications.
Iurii is usually busy working on a project, but in his spare time he enjoys hiking, reading, sports, and generally leading an active lifestyle.

Stewart Metcalfe, Developer

Stewart is our newest addition to the team. He is an ICT Infrastructure specialist and graduated with a Bachelor of Information Technology from NMIT as the top student in that year.
Stewart has strong C# and SQL skills and is quickly mastering the front-end, making use of .NET Core, Angular and a variety of cloud technologies and tools.


Department of Conservation

"NDS has been working with the Department of Conservation (DOC) to capture and validate some of their animal biodiversity monitoring data that has been held in many spreadsheets in the past. As this data is science based, significant effort has gone into the quality assurance and validation of the data. NDS has built data entry applications that have strong validation rules to ensure accurate data entry from field books (electronic field device capture is a future project). From humble beginnings, this SQL Server 2016 database now holds over 5.3 million individual actual data results, with a current programme of work that will add a further 1.5 million data results."

Benno Kappers (2017)
Natural heritage information project leader, herpetofauna administrator


Our team at Nelson Data Systems is looking for additional members to continue producing the quality and variety of work we are known for, so if you have any of the following skill sets we would love to hear from you.

SQL Server (both local server and Azure SQL Server)

  • T-SQL
  • Temporal Tables
  • Stored Procs
  • Performance Tuning


  • .NET Core
  • HTML 5/CSS
  • C#
  • Angular
  • API's
  • Unit Testing
  • VBA(MS Access)


  • AWD Native Tool Set
  • Serverless functions and code
  • Data Lakes
  • Blob storage


  • Good Azure knowledge/experience
  • SQL Azure
  • Azure AD and Security


  • SQL Server GraphDB and/or CosmosDB
  • Visualisation tools(Keylines an advantage)
  • BI dashboarding
  • Python scripting
  • R coding
  • Machine learning
  • TensorFlow coding


Or visit us at: Level 1, 189 Hardy Street, Nelson
                           +64 3 545 7050



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